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CN-103157387-A: Palladium or palladium alloy membrane based on wall-flow honeycomb ceramic and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103159282-A: 一种微波催化降解含酚废水的方法 patent, CN-103160521-A: arylomycins A生物合成基因簇 patent, CN-103164292-A: 数据的纠错方法及装置 patent, CN-103171020-A: 一种高频磁芯坯体的制造方法 patent, CN-103172828-A: 一种聚氨酯吸波凝胶材料的制备 patent, CN-103174252-A: 一种自保温抗震砌块及应用方法 patent, CN-103179535-A: Mobile terminal and automatic reply method for missed calls thereof patent, CN-103180308-A: Novel method of preparing benzoimidazole derivatives patent, CN-103181880-A: Natural anti-hair loss liquid shampoo and preparation process thereof patent, CN-103186185-A: 可折迭电子装置 patent, CN-103190759-A: 一种防摔铅笔盒 patent, CN-103193715-A: Preparation method of 5,6-dihydropyrimidone derivative patent, CN-103193828-A: Double-imidazole imide nickel hydroxide coordination complex as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-103196876-A: 一种纺织品前处理氧漂工艺体系中荧光定量检测羟基自由基的方法 patent, CN-103199006-A: Tft基板的清洗方法 patent, CN-103206791-A: Light-condensingsolar boiler patent, CN-103212851-A: 一种激光切割机位置精度补偿方法 patent, CN-103219263-A: Peeling device and method for producing electronic device patent, CN-103219366-A: 鳍状场效晶体管结构及其制作方法 patent, CN-103227177-A: Pixel strucutre and thin film transistor patent, CN-103227758-A: 一种光纤以太网交换机及控制方法 patent, CN-103229457-A: Physical infrastructure management system having an integrated cabinet patent, CN-103231933-A: Fabric feeding machine patent, CN-103232252-A: 一种钢纤维增强低水泥浇注料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103233914-A: 导流式轴流泵叶轮 patent, CN-103237391-A: 一种利用led模仿自然光的方法及系统 patent, CN-103239430-A: Application of lapachol in preparation of product for preventing and/or treating spongioblastoma patent, CN-103242036-A: 一种复合陶瓷型芯制备工艺 patent, CN-103243162-A: Method and kit for identifying onion cytoplasm fertility patent, CN-103243836-A: 钢板-钢支撑组合抗侧力构件及应用该构件的梁柱结构 patent, CN-103243917-A: Discharging device and pumping device combined operating system, stirring truck and pumping equipment patent, CN-103245434-A: Dividing device of thermometer patent, CN-103246308-A: Multi-input low-pressure drop voltage stabilizer patent, CN-103247134-A: 63a-400a圆形电气火灾报警探测器 patent, CN-103248042-A: Peak shifting and avoiding method for electric management system patent, CN-103248152-A: 用于电机的转子组件以及该转子组件的制造方法 patent, CN-103248849-A: Image display apparatus and image display method patent, CN-103256937-A: 路径匹配的方法及装置 patent, CN-103259962-A: 一种目标追踪方法和相关装置 patent, CN-103263550-A: 一种治疗上呼吸道感染的中药 patent, CN-103265302-A: Refractory castable for side protecting plate of converter as well as production method and application of refractory castable patent, CN-103265398-A: 一种苯乙烯的精制方法 patent, CN-103266955-A: 多缸内燃机分缸工作的方法及装置 patent, CN-103268948-A: Liquid active magnesium-cuprous chloride paper battery and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103269271-A: 一种备份电子签名令牌中私钥的方法和系统 patent, CN-103277947-A: Efficient evaporator patent, CN-103278811-A: Ultra wide band microwave photon long-distance range radar device based on chaos laser patent, CN-103280160-A: Touch show window patent, CN-103281662-A: 电容式硅麦克风及其制备方法 patent, CN-103282530-A: Die steel having superior rusting resistance and thermal conductivity, and method for producing same patent, CN-103283122-A: Rotor structure of rotating electric machine and manufacturing method thereof patent, CN-103283402-A: Throttle control mechanism of field mower patent, CN-103289348-A: 碳化硅纤维增强pc/pei复合材料 patent, CN-103289413-A: 一种含有二甲基硅橡胶的抗冲击耐拉伸塑胶 patent, CN-103290054-A: 应用昆虫细胞表达重组的中国鲎c因子 patent, CN-103294864-A: 一种采用遗传算法的计算机辅助乱针绣制作方法 patent, CN-103295081-A: Electrical power system load prediction method based on back propagation (BP) neural network patent, CN-103295960-A: Array substrate and method of fabricating the same patent, CN-103296038-A: Image sensors patent, CN-103296208-A: Solar battery element and preparation thereof patent, CN-103296322-A: 用于车辆的电池组 patent, CN-103300033-A: 一种含有氟螨嗪的农药组合物 patent, CN-103301665-A: Net type filter unit and method for filtering flue gas desulfurization solution by using same patent, CN-103304419-A: Method for synthesizing trioctyl trimellate under catalysis of functionalized acidic ionic liquid patent, CN-103306971-A: 内接齿轮泵 patent, CN-103309423-A: Computer system and power sharing method thereof patent, CN-103309781-A: 基于dsp与fpga的单倍率同步动态内存的检测方法 patent, CN-103310457-A: 一种基于抛物线修正凸包的肺实质分割方法 patent, CN-103313394-A: 无线通信装置及无线通信装置的多信道活动控制方法 patent, CN-103313409-A: 一种空中接口无线资源的分配方法 patent, CN-103318996-A: Method for applying desalinated seawater to circulating cooling water system patent, CN-103320878-A: Spinning process applicable to semicontinuous high-speed spinning machine with spinning rollers in transverse arrangement patent, CN-103322611-A: 一种碳素晶体发热墙暖产品及其生产工艺 patent, CN-103324995-A: 一种适用于室内装饰设计及施工的操作方法 patent, CN-103328362-A: 用于制动装置的停止定序 patent, CN-103334726-A: Variable high-temperature high-pressure visual rock core model holding device patent, CN-103337514-A: High-voltage NPN device and layout structure thereof patent, CN-103337661-A: 用于铝塑膜封装模具以及封装方法 patent, CN-103353863-A: Text template generating method patent, CN-103356844-A: 一种低聚壳聚糖复方制剂及其在制备治疗皮肤疾病的药物中应用 patent, CN-103366220-A: 电力系统的运行风险评估方法 patent, CN-103367068-A: 电路断路器 patent, CN-103368775-A: Traffic backup method and core switching equipment patent, CN-103372888-A: Directly driven rotary knife for tubular film patent, CN-103372956-A: 一种模具内铁框定位调节装置 patent, CN-103376057-A: File size detection device and method patent, CN-103376720-A: 定影装置以及具备定影装置的图像形成装置 patent, CN-103383820-A: Independent vehicle positioning system used for unfavorable action detection patent, CN-103387697-A: 一种稳定杆衬套及其制备方法 patent, CN-103388651-A: Speed reducing device for dispersing load among gears patent, CN-103391063-A: Integrated nuclear electromagnetic pulse resistant signal filter patent, CN-103391604-A: Control method for small base station dormancy patent, CN-103394321-A: Mounting method for large-diameter packed tower internals patent, CN-103395718-A: 保险装置 patent, CN-103397314-A: 一种金刚石涂层刀具的制备方法及该方法所得金刚石涂层刀具在印刷线路板制备中的应用 patent, CN-103398750-A: Method for testing oil saving effect of engine energy saving products for ship patent, CN-103399961-A: 支持多版式的电子文献管理系统 patent, CN-103400753-A: Method for manufacturing grid lines with high uniformity through double exposure patent, CN-103401529-A: DC offset correction method of complex band pass filter circuit patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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